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Plant Conservation Volunteers

A program to recruit and train amateur field botanists to perform much-needed conservation work throughout New England.

The Plant Conservation Volunteer Corps engages hundreds of volunteers all across New England. Since 1998, volunteers have donated more than 50,000 hours of fieldwork and provided invaluable data to State Heritage Programs and NEPCoP professionals. The Corps is established in all six New England states, collecting data, performing management work, working with state Heritage Programs, and building a region-wide constituency for native plants.

PCVs at a field training

Each volunteer receives classroom and field training as well as a comprehensive handbook. All volunteers can take part in special classes, field trips, and symposia. These educational programs, networking opportunities, and a yearly evaluation process ensure the reliability of volunteer work, as well as the enjoyment of the experience.



Plant Conservation Volunteers are involved in a variety of plant conservation activities vital to the preservation of New England's native flora:

Rare Plant Monitoring
Volunteers regularly monitor the health of the rarest plants in New England, identifying threats to these populations and building a constituency for natural habitats and plant communities.
Habitat Management
Volunteers manage lands for rare species and their habitats. Loss of open space through development and natural succession has become a problem as urban areas expand and rural areas return to forests. In the long run, we must focus on protecting entire habitats, rather than single species, but while striving to do this, we must also maintain individual plant populations.
Survey and Control of Invasive Species
Under the Society's guidance, volunteers assist in removal of invasive species from selected natural areas, particularly habitats where exotic species are just beginning to impact native flora.
General Botanical Surveys
Much of New England, especially privately held lands, has never been surveyed comprehensively. We train PCVs to produce botanical surveys of both native and non-native plants and make management recommendations.

Application and Brochure

PCV Brochure detailing the history of the Plant Conservation Volunteer Corps and explaining the qualifications required and benefits of becoming a PCV member.

PCV Brochure

pdf format

To become a volunteer in this successful initiative, please fill out this form.


last modified November 04, 2015
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