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Bring Native Plants into Your Landscape

Horticulture and Gardening at New England Wild Flower Society

What is a Native Plant?

Grow-GIW035729_GarySloan.jpgNative refers to plants growing in New England before European settlement, and includes woody plants (trees, shrubs, and vines) and non-woody, or herbaceous plants (flowering perennials, ferns, grasses). 


Why grow native plants?

Native plants are the most sustainable choice for home gardeners: Beautiful, hardy, and varied, they provide essential food and shelter for our region's wildlife and help to maintain New England's unique sense of place. When you plant New England native plants, you replace crucial habitat bulldozed every day to construct new buildings, roads, and infrastructure. 


How to choose the right plant for your place

Check out these key resources to help identify plants for your home garden:

  • Invasive plants brochure - Be sure not to plant invasive species, one of the chief threats to native plants. Some commercial nurseries still sell invasive species, so it pays to do your homework. 


last modified April 25, 2016