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Bring Native Plants into Your Landscape

Horticulture and Gardening at New England Wild Flower Society

What is a Native Plant?

Grow-GIW035729_GarySloan.jpgThe term native refers to plants growing in North America before European settlement, and includes woody plants (trees, shrubs, and vines) and non-woody herbaceous plants (flowering perennials, ferns, grasses). The term wildflower also refers to native plants, sometimes only to the flowering perennials, other times to all native plants.


Why Grow Native Plants?

Native plants are the most sustainable choice for the home gardener. Beautiful, interesting, and varied, they evoke a sense of place and are essential for creating garden habitat for wildlife. The Society invites all to work together to protect the biodiversity of natural areas. Plant conservation is key and it begins right in the home landscape with choosing non-invasive plant species, and native plants are a sure bet. Visit Go Botany to learn about native and nonnative species in New England. 


Click to view 2016 Plant Availability List (pdf download) or CSA and Plant Collections.




last modified February 10, 2016