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Conservation Internships and Fellowship

The Society engages two interns and one fellow in the Conservation Department each year. Two, six-month internships begin in March and May, respectively, and the fellowship, also six months, begins in May or June.

Lara removing invasives at Nasami FarmNew England Wild Flower Society, the oldest native plant conservation organization in the United States, is a leader in regional plant conservation activities. The New England Plant Conservation Program (NEPCoP) and the Plant Conservation Volunteer (PCV) Corps program engage professional and citizen volunteers in rare species monitoring, habitat management, invasive species monitoring and control initiatives, reintroduction and augmentation projects, and long-term conservation planning. The innovative and award-winning NEPCoP and PCV programs work closely with each state natural heritage program as well as conservation organizations in each state.


The interns and fellow are integral to these programs in a variety of ways, from coordinating volunteers and entering data to conducting botanical surveys, management projects, and other field actions. Three, six-month positions are available each year. Please follow the links for more information about these opportunities:

Danielle Dyer on MV, keying plants




Please follow the links above for additional information about these opportunities. 






last modified January 12, 2016