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last modified October 14, 2014

Education at the intersection of conservation and horticulture



New England Wild Flower Society has one of the largest programs in native plant education in the country. We offer hundreds of programs, including courses, workshops, lectures, field studies, and symposia throughout New England all year long. Join us as we explore hotspots of plant diversity, learn about field botany, gardening, and native plant horticulture, and travel to botanically rich areas around the world.


Throughout the New England region, we work with schools to help students and teachers learn about plants through creative, hands-on programs. Our Library, located at Garden in the Woods, contains thousands of books in the fields of botany, horticulture, plant ecology, conservation, and natural history. Our user-friendly, interactive web application, Go Botany, enables everyone from beginners to professionals to discover and identify thousands of plant species in the New England flora. We provide guided educational tours by foot or by cart for thousands of adults and children at Garden in the Woods.


Our certificate programs in Native Plant Studies offer students a chance to add breadth and depth to their existing knowledge and skills, or to advance their careers. From amateur botanists and gardeners to green industry professionals and conservation managers, students enrolled in our certificate programs gain a greater appreciation for and understanding of native plant habitats, common and rare species, conservation issues, and uses of native plants in horticulture and design.


Come explore and study the fascinating world of native plants with us. Whether you are interested in conservation and restoration of natural areas or in creating beautiful and diverse habitats for your home garden, we welcome you to a distinctive learning community—the thousands of people across our region advancing and sharing their knowledge of New England's precious native flora.